PennDOT/NECEPT Certified Concrete Field Testing Technician Program – Starting January 2022!

PennDOT/NECEPT Certified Concrete Field Testing Technician Program

The Construction and Materials Division of the Bureau of Project Delivery is pleased to announce  that the 2022 schedule for the PennDOT Certified Concrete Field Testing Technician  Certification classes have been established and posted on the Northeast Center of Excellence for Pavement Technology (NECEPT) website at The schedule of classes,  registration forms, and directions for participants may be found on the website.

Virtual courses  will be held using the WebExTM Platform, between January 4, 2022 – April 6, 2022. If there are  any questions related to the PennDOT LSO enrollment, please contact the Highway  Administration Deputy Secretary’s Office via email at

OST: An OST is required for this training.  

Schedule: Virtual courses will be held starting in January 2022 and ending in April  2022. The course schedule, course application, course agenda, and the exam retest application  form can be downloaded from NECEPT’s website at under the Training menu.

Download for Additional Details:
2022 PennDOT-NECEPT Certified Concrete Technician Program -2