PennDOT – HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATION TRAINING ANNOUNCEMENT-Proprietary Traffic Barriers & End Treatments


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Title: Proprietary Traffic Barriers & End Treatments

Target Audience:

PennDOT personnel and Consultants having direct responsibilities for inspection of traffic barriers (including transitions to other systems), end terminals, and crash cushions.
Local Transportation Agency Program and Maintenance personnel
Consultant/Contractor Installers .


This is one of two courses required by Section 620 of PUB 408.
The overall course goal is to make construction/maintenance engineers, inspectors, and contractors/installers sensitive to accurate installation and consequences of decisions made during field inspection. The course addresses the need for guide rail/end treatment systems layout parameters that ensure an optimal barrier installation. The focus will be on installation of MASH products. The successful completion of the course is required for both inspection and installation.
This is one of two courses required by Section 620 of PUB 408. The other course is Guide Rail Installation, Inspection, and Maintenance.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the course participants should be able to:
– Have a better understanding of various roadside safety proprietary products and how they perform.
– Have a better understanding of manufacturer’s installation recommendations.
– Determine what and how to inspect various safety devices during field installation.


Hassan Raza & Evan Pursel and various industry representatives.


12/06/21 – 12/09/21: Webinar
02/01/22 – 02/04/22: Webinar
03/01/22 – 03/04/22: Webinar

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