Kevin E. Raker Construction-Union Township Bridge Bundle-Bids Due: 1/11/2022 by 10 am.

Kevin E. Raker Construction, LLC

Bids Due: Tuesday, January 11, 2022 by 10 am.

The project includes the rehabilitation of four existing stacked stone arch culverts and the construction of a new precast concrete box culvert.  Primary construction activities include excavation and placement of flowable backfill over the arches, cleaning/repointing/reconstructing stone masonry, construction of cast-in-place decks/barriers, installation of a precast concrete culvert, installation of a corrugated metal pipe culvert, guiderail improvements and roadway reconstruction.  The items of work for the contract are identified more specifically in the Bid Form, Contract Specifications and Contract Documents.  The entire project will be awarded to one (1) Contractor.  Contractor and all subcontractors are to be PennDOT prequalified.

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