PennDOT Statewide Networking Workshop – 9/29/21 – 10:00am to 2:20pm – Register Today!

3rd in a series of 3 events.

The event is open to all DB/DBE’s and non-DB/DBEs on free resources and services that are available to help them compete for PennDOT projects.

  • Learn about virtual resources available through the Supportive Services Programs.
  • Learn about the PennDOT Mentor/Protégé Program Updates 
  • Learn about the PennDOT P3 Major Bridge Project Updates 
  • Learn how to easily search for diverse firms using PennDOT work codes & interactive Google Map 
  • Learn how to access PennDOT Supportive Services via a mobile app!

***Note: This will be an interactive event on ProRank Academy (PRA), the online learning platform where firms access supportive services virtually. If you are already registered and have a username and password, that’s AWESOME! If you have not registered, please sign-up as a user on ProRank Academy at



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